The most important part of a home is the roof. You can’t underestimate its ability to make your home complete.

Our Roofing Services

There’s no peace of mind like knowing you have the ideal roof to protect your dream home.


Roof Installation is a Platinum Certified roof installation company. Our unique combination of high... Read more


Roof Replacement

The best way to know whether you need a new roof is to hire an experienced roof inspector like us.


Roof Maintenance

A roof system is arguably the most vulnerable part of a building's exterior... Read more

Commercial Roofing

When you want it to be so much more than a hot roof.

Commercial roofing systems and residential roofs primarily have the same function of protecting property. However, they are quite different when it comes to the materials used to build and install them. Commercial roofing systems are typically made up of single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM), concrete, modified bitumen, built-up roofing system, tar and gravel, and more. Depending on the weather conditions, residential roofs are typically made of asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. Read more

Residential Roofing

A better roof is an upgrade you can feel very happy about.

Residential Roofing Products include those products necessary to provide a quality roofing system typically for a consumer’s home, garage or other residential applications. Residential roofing products are usually designed for steep slope application.

Our Working Process


We Do Our Research

We begin every project in the same way by carrying out detailed research to ensure we have a good understanding of our client and their project requirements. We also analyse the potential competitors within their online marketplace in order to gain further understanding of what a project may need to include.

These investigations put us in the best possible position to help meet the client’s needs throughout the process of the working relationship. The more knowledge we can attain prior to a project, the better equipped we are to make our own recommendations.


We Meet the Client

We arrange an initial meeting with every client to gain further clarity on the client’s business and to get an understanding of their aim for the project. This is an important part of the process as details may come up in conversation or as the client is explaining their needs that perhaps might not have been mentioned in a previous email conversation regarding the project. We believe a strong client relationship is of paramount importance to the success of a project. During the project, we keep up clear and regular communications as well as arranging for periodic follow-up meetings and calls. Regular communication enables a project to keep moving forward as any niggles can then be quickly and responsively resolved, and items that the client is required to approve can be addressed in a timely fashion. Likewise, if the client has questions or their needs change during a project, clear communication means that we can offer flexibility and adapt as needed.


We Create Ideas

Using input from the client and our own experience, we propose and explore ideas and options that we think would help to solve the client’s problem.

This part of the process tends to be very collaborative, leaning on all team members’ creative qualities. Working this way enables ideas to form, grow and develop through discussion, so we are left with the strongest possible outcomes.


We Present Designs

We create and present a variety of design options that our professional designers have put together. Alongside these, we offer explanation on our design choices to give visibility to the client as to why a certain decision was made and how each design may work in practice. Working this way gives the client a full view of our thinking process and aids them in making any decisions. We request feedback from our clients so that their own preferences are considered.


We Revise / Make Changes

Taking note of the feedback from the previous review stage, we revise our designs in line with this. We will also look at any other amendments that may be needed, arising from questions or queries posed by the client in the previous stage. Updated designs are then presented back to the client for further feedback or sign-off. If additional revisions are needed, we always ensure that our lines of communication are open so we can be sure to meet the expectations of the client and deliver in producing what they had in mind.


How we Serve

Have you ever wondered what it is that roofing companies actually do? If you are someone who is currently in need of roofing services, it is of the utmost importance to learn all about them. This is because no two firms are alike, and while some focus strictly on tasks like replacement roofing, there are others that do much more. An expert in building would say that roofers “work on new installations, as well as renovations and roof repair projects.” Yet in those few words is a world of information left unspoken. Such as? Well, what that means is that roofers need to be adept at climbing up and working on roofs (i.e., they can’t have any fear of heights, and they should have great dexterity and balance). They also, obviously, need to have a basic set of carpentry skills.

However, roofing services also include removal of existing roofing, installation of new roofing materials and everything that might fall in between. For instance, a professional roofer will have to know about repairs and renovations, installation of skylights, solar installations, the use of custom equipment like solar fans, and more. They also have to skilled at working with an array of materials such as wood, plywood, metal, tile, asphalt shingles and much more. They need to understand rubber roofing, drainage and the many variations in working on flat roofing as opposed to pitched roofs. If you were eager just to know the most common steps that roofers must follow when doing work on homes and other buildings, it would have to include:

  • Providing accurate estimates that include mention of any potential problems discovered during an inspection
  • Removal of tiles and plywood (if needed)
  • Applications of tar paper, rubber roofing, and new shingles or panels
  • Site cleanup

Of course, that is not the end of the work done by we also have a solid dedication to customer service and understand the seriousness of the work they do. They also have to be ready to advance with technologies in the industry, as there are just as many new materials and techniques in the world of roofing as there are under construction in general. If you are in need of roofing services in Nigeria, you can get in touch with us, which we have the experience, skill, and dedication and integrity to service your need that you deserve.

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